Landscape Design

Ciro’s Landscaping, Inc proudly offers complete landscape design services for any landscape project. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are revitalizing your current landscape, we can assist you in planning, budgeting, troubleshooting and the installation of your project. Our award winning design team, have years of experience, and are experts in working through landscape challenges by turning them into opportunities. Limited space? No problem. Awkward layout? No sweat. Under budget constraints? We’re there for you. Your design journey begins here with these simple steps.

Step One: Initial No-cost Landscape Design Consultation
We will walk through the property with you to discuss your needs, and vision for your project.

Step Two: Site Analysis
Detailed measurements of the site will be taken, as well as notes regarding all of the existing site conditions.

Step Three: Prepare a Design
We work diligently with the information gathered from the site analysis, to provide you with a thoughtful, professional landscape design. Conceptual drawings may also be prepared. These drawings allow you to understand our design direction, and see what the possibilities are. At this time, you will review your design to ensure that all of the desired elements are included, as well as discuss material choices and pricing.

Step Four: Build
Construction begins and your project is installed according to the agreed upon landscape plan.

Step Five: Post-Installation Maintenance
Proper post-installation maintenance is recommended in order to ensure the longevity of your investment.